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August 31 2017

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Vines creeping in through an old skylight in the Verrière de chateau. [1600 x 1067] [OS].

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Incredibly couloured ivy on National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland taken by Anna Kowalów.

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May 06 2017

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The ‘Devil’s Bridge’ is a 19th-century structure in Kromlau, Germany, that was designed to make a perfect circle with its reflection in the water below. Source

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May 05 2017

A kiedy ona cię kochać przes­ta­nie, zo­baczysz noc w środ­ku dnia, czar­ne niebo za­miast gwiazd, zo­baczysz wszys­tko to sa­mo, co ja. 
— Edward Stachura
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Zamek Grodziec (Grodziec Castle, Poland) by Patryk Krzyzak 

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